Technicolor IoT Solutions

With the new wave of consumer IoT emerging, current models become obsolete rapidly. New interfaces, product categories, and technologies shift expectations and competitive landscapes towards interconnected ecosystems, open APIs, and transparency around use of data. Today’s view of data as the new ‘oil’ to better see customer behavior – anywhere, anytime – has left users unfazed. Data isn’t simply about visibility. It’s also about using the information to align with user and product needs and problems and deliver on what people actually want.

Through sensors, new form factors, identity authentication, voice recognition, artificial intelligence, and connectivity, companies now can drive a two-way dialogue where trust is the currency to empower consumers through technology — to control, to see, to react, to fix, to accomplish.

When done well, connected products and other sensor-generated data have the ability to transform the customer experience by offering a fine-grained hyper-personalized experience that makes a once-complex activity simple, easy, and convenient.

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